Type 1 Diabetes & Mental Health

Kristi Caporoso, MSW, LCSW discussed exploring anxiety, coping with change, hope for the future, and how it all ties into diabetes management.

Kristi Caporoso was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 28 years ago, at age 1. She spent her child/young adulthood at a camp for children with diabetes. Being surrounded by others will diabetes and seeing the positive impact this could have – especially with youth – led her to her decision to become a medical social worker. She is currently a licensed clinical social worker at a children’s hospital; working with children, adolescents and families to help them cope with acute and chronic medical and psychiatric illnesses. She bops around in the diabetes online community to educate, advocate, make people laugh and feel supported, and as a creative outlet for herself. She is a mom to one cat and an auntie to two nephews, all of whom are very spoiled.