Live wilder lives, together.

T1D can be intimidating and isolating, so we’ve developed T1Ds in the Wild to equip you with the courage and community so that T1D never has to hold you back.

Join us for an immersive outdoors experience camping off the grid to:

  • experience managing T1D in the outdoors
  • find in-person community support
  • build mental resilience by facing the unknown
  • de-stress in nature

Getting outside can be scary (especially with T1D), but it doesn’t have to be with other people who know exactly what you’re going through. Our trips are designed for people of all experience levels to build confidence not only in the wild, but with T1D every day.

Until you can join us, you can be a T1D in the Wild with our awesome swag.

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⛺️ camping basics
🥾 hiking
🧗 rock climbing
🧠 discussing mental health

🩹 intro first aid
🧭 way-finding
🍳 camp cooking
🗑 learning Leave No Trace

What You’ll Bring

We’ll provide the food, dining supplies, experts, and camping equipment (or you can use your own). Check the requirements for each specific trip.

Meet the Staff

Paul Reid

Paul is the founder of Type One Outdoors and has been living with T1D for 37 years.

Paul has been hiking the mountains of Southern California for a number of years now, and has extensive knowledge of the trails throughout the San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, Santa Monica Mountains, the Angeles National Forest, Mojave Desert and the Eastern Sierras.

Paul has endured all that diabetes can throw at a diabetic in the backcountry, and he’s on a mission to share all his tips and tricks to all type ones who want to know how to be a type one in the outdoors!

Paul is certified with the American Mountain Guides Association and is a NOLS certified Wilderness First Responder.

Nina Ragonese

Nina Ragonese was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2005 at age 11. Nina picked up hiking and camping as a new hobby at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to get out of the house and relieve stress. What started as a hobby quickly developed into a new way of life. In 2 years, she’s hiked almost 500 miles and has camped all over Southern California (with many more out-of-state trips coming soon). While on the trail, Nina dedicates ample time to observing the surrounding nature as well as blood sugar patterns, gaining knowledge not only of how to be active outdoors but also how to be an active diabetic outdoors!

Craig Stubing

Craig Stubing was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 13 years old. After producing a video advocating for Medicare coverage of CMGs, he discovered the power of sharing stories to help us empathize, educate, and advocate. This experience drove Craig to launch the Beta Cell podcast. Craig has served as president of the JDRF Los Angeles YLC, he started T1Disney, and he co-founded Type One Run, which became a program of Beyond Type 1. He’s a former member of the Beyond Type 1 Leadership Council. Craig is CEO of the Beta Cell Foundation, which fosters and funds grassroots projects developed by individuals living with T1D to educate, empower, and unite our community.

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