COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

The Beta Cell Foundation is tracking the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on people with type 1 diabetes to inform other patients and healthcare providers about what to expect.

Survey Results

You can view the public data here.

Preparing for Side Effects

It’s important to be prepared in case you have moderate or severe side effects after receiving vaccine doses. Decreasing the amount of basal insulin you take in order to prevent low blood sugars, or from simply not taking insulin because you’re not eating, can result in DKA.

❗️ Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) can be caused by lack of insulin if not giving enough insulin when sick or stressed.

Consult with your care team prior to receiving your vaccine doses to create a sick day plan and to make sure you have prescriptions for things such as ketone testing strips and anti-nausea medication.

Read more about DKA and view sick day rules.

Take the Survey

If you’ve received all of your vaccine doses, please fill out the questions in the anonymous survey after your side effects have receded.