Relion Insulin

Relion insulin is insulin offered “behind the counter” without a prescription at Walmart. You still need to go to the pharmacy counter to buy this insulin. You may need a prescription to access this insulin in Indiana. 

This insulin is different from prescription analog insulins. Regular is a fasting acting insulin that does not act as quickly as its rapid acting counterparts (Humalog, Novolog, Apridra, etc). NPH is an intermediate acting insulin that can be unpredictable in use. It’s important to talk to a pharmacist or healthcare provider before using these, though we understand that if you are using these insulins a provider is likely out of reach.

This insulin retails for around $25 a vial. You may also be able to buy syringes behind the counter without a prescription in your state. Glucose meters and test strips are also available without a prescription and affordable options are available at Walmart.