Finding Support

Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help in diabetes communities across social media. Many of us have been in this exact situation before. 

When accepting insulin or other supplies from a community, please make sure items are unopened. Oftentimes, expired insulin and supplies will still work but they may not be as effective and should be used at your own risk. 

Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is when people in a community get together to help each other meet basic needs. Mutual aid is not charity. Many local communities have mutual aid support groups that may be able to offer you assistance with cash, groceries or other resources. Search “Mutual Aid” and your general region on a search engine to see if there is a local group who may be able to help. 


Insulin advocates on Twitter monitor the #Insulin4All hashtag. If you post a need for insulin with this hashtag, someone in the community can flag and help link you with someone who may have insulin they can donate. It helps to provide people with your general location, the insulin you do use and any other insulins you can use. 


Facebook has cracked down on Pay It Forward groups offering insulin and other diabetes supplies. However, these groups still do exist under the radar and many people still offer their extra diabetes supplies on Facebook.