Weronika Burkot

Brussels, Belgium πŸ–₯ Digital art I am a Belgium-based Polish artist and illustrator who has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1995. I graduated Academy of Fine Arts in…Continue readingWeronika Burkot

Emma Linda Nesbitt

Sydney NSW Australia πŸ–¨ Printmaking πŸ“– Bookbinding πŸ–Š Illustration Hi! I’m Emma, a printmaker, bookbinder and illustrator practicing in Sydney. I love gaming, dungeons and dragons, coffee and of course…Continue readingEmma Linda Nesbitt

Co-Pay Caps

Co-pay caps are the most recent debate amongst diabetes advocates around the United States: Are they helpful or hurtful to the insulin access movement?Continue readingCo-Pay Caps

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

The Beta Cell Foundation is tracking the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on people with type 1 diabetes to inform other patients and healthcare providers about what to expect. πŸ“Š…Continue readingCOVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Allison Wheeler

San Francisco, CA, USA πŸͺ‘ Fiber art: embroidery, sewing, quilting πŸ–₯ Digital drawing Allison (she/her) is a queer disabled artist whose art has taken on many forms over the years.…Continue readingAllison Wheeler

Jerry Nairn

Long Beach, CA, USA ✏️ Poetry, writing, drawing DXT1-1974-TSLIMX2CTRL-IQ-DEXG6Continue readingJerry Nairn

Jenna Cantamessa

Townsville, QLD, Australia πŸ–₯ Digital Art πŸ–Š Line Art Drawings Hi everyone! My name is Jenna from Queensland, Australia! If you’re familiar with the Great Barrier Reef, I’m lucky enough…Continue readingJenna Cantamessa

Ty Beringer

Fayetteville, AR, USA πŸͺ΅ Wood 🎨 Mixed media πŸ–₯ Digital I have always been interested in art, design, and craft. I have been an active woodworker for almost ten years.…Continue readingTy Beringer

Drug Price Transparency

Drug transparency laws have the potential to shed light on the closed door dealings of the healthcare system, increasing price regulation and accountability measures.Continue readingDrug Price Transparency

Type 1 & Pregnancy

A conversation on how to mentally prepare yourself to tackle pregnancy with type 1 diabetes featuring endocrinologist Anne Peters, MD and T1D moms Kerri Sparling and Saira Gallo.Continue readingType 1 & Pregnancy