Writing Your Representatives About Healthcare

Produced in collaboration with Madison Johnson, Washington State

Writing to your state and national government representatives is important to educate them on the realities of the insulin affordability crisis as well as compel them to enact legislative changes to ensure no one has to ration insulin. Including your personal story will make the issue more empathetic and likely to be taken seriously.

In about 100 words, explain why should your representative care about this issue? What personal life experiences have led you to be passionate about this cause? Was there a specific moment of challenge or pain that led you to action? This is a chance to tell your story.

Example: “My name is Madi, I live in your (state/district) and I am insulin dependent. I rely on insulin to live, using one vial every 3 weeks. Without insurance one vial of insulin would cost upwards of $300. Although, I am privileged enough to have insurance that covers my insulin costs, there was a time when that wasn’t the case. Not long ago I was in between jobs. I did not have health insurance and could barely afford the insulin I needed to live. I would get only one vial of insulin at a time. I could hold the next three weeks of my life in my hand, hoping this insulin would last until they approved the next vial, knowing I could not afford to buy another vial – uncovered by insurance- if anything was to happen.”

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