About Us


The Beta Cell Foundation is dedicated to fostering community development and nurturing strong, empathetic connections among individuals with type 1 diabetes. Through innovative projects, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare providers and patients, bolster mental resilience, and provide a tangible and emotional safety net. By promoting both online networks and personal local relationships, we strive to combat the isolation and stigmatization associated with diabetes, empowering individuals to improve their relationship with diabetes and enrich their quality of life.


Envisioning a world where the stigma and isolation surrounding type 1 diabetes are eradicated, the Beta Cell Foundation aspires to be at the forefront of cultivating supportive communities. We believe in the transformative power of empathy and community in enhancing the well-being of individuals with type 1 diabetes. Through continuous project development and by fostering genuine connections, we aim to fill the knowledge chasm, build a robust support framework, and in doing so, redefine the diabetes narrative towards one of hope, understanding, and collective growth.

Tax Information

Our tax identification number is 84-4054715

Beta Cell Foundation is a charitable organization with tax-exempt status granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Board Members

Craig Stubing, Founder & CEO

Craig Stubing was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 13 years old. After producing a video advocating for Medicare coverage of CMGs, he discovered the power of sharing stories to help us empathize, educate, and advocate. This experience drove Craig to launch the Beta Cell podcast.

Craig has served as president of the JDRF Los Angeles YLC, he started T1Disney, and he co-founded Type One Run, which became a program of Beyond Type 1. He’s a former member of the Beyond Type 1 Leadership Council.

James Gahn, Chief Financial Officer

James is a research analyst of healthcare economics in Indianapolis, and has lived with type 1 diabetes since 2001. He also volunteers with JDRF and help run the Indiana JDRF Young Leadership Committee.

Laura Wainscott, Secretary

Laura is on a relatively new life journey with diabetes. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February 2019, at age 60. Months later, she also became gluten-sensitive.

Her background as a Registered Dietitian, fortunately, provided her with a good knowledge base to tackle such a huge life change.

Almost immediately upon her diagnosis, Laura joined Craig Stubing as a contributor to the Beta Cell podcast through the ongoing series “Thicker Than Water,” which provides insight into the daily challenges and successes of someone diagnosed later in life.

Lead Volunteers

Linda Smith-Brecheisen, Education Director

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides input on direction of the Beta Cell Foundation in order for it to best serve the diverse type 1 diabetes community. They determine the criteria of meetups that can receive grants from BCF.

Elida Berry-Donat
Wendy Chan
John Foti
Gisele Goes
Madison Johnson

Kirby McKinnon
Jerry Nairn
Cassidy Robinson
Rosalind Sutch
Jen Walton